What to pay attention to when customizing reflective vests

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2023-05-29 11:22

We often see people using reflective vests on the streets, of course, most of them are used by traffic police, sanitation workers, etc. Ordinary people may not have much understanding of them. If you want to work on dangerous roads, having such reflective vests can make drivers and pedestrians pay more attention and ensure the safety of both parties. Of course, many construction sites also use such products during night work, so customization must pay attention to the following points.
1、 Quality must be guaranteed. Reflective vests may seem simple, but in reality, the materials used are all different, and many ultra-low priced products cannot be worn for a long time, and frequent replacement can also cost a lot of money. In order to ensure the quality of customized products, it is necessary to cooperate with legitimate manufacturers, who can help design, have strong production capacity, and also ensure a very high quality and longer service life.
Secondly, design rationality. No matter who is wearing the reflective vest, its quality should be guaranteed and its design should be very reasonable. The first reflective material used needs to be tested. Currently, the commonly used materials on the market are lattice microdiamonds, which have a higher refractive index and can effectively reflect. Customization also requires ensuring the reflective effect. If used in some special industries, ensuring its safety and reasonable design is crucial.
Thirdly, it has a higher cost-effectiveness. The price of customized reflective vests is not actually higher than purchasing them directly from stock, but if you want to print a logo or have some special designs, the price may increase. In order to protect our rights and interests, it is recommended to simply compare the market price and choose a manufacturer with high cost performance ratio to cooperate, so as to ensure the quality of products.


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