What system standards can be referred to when using safety helmets and vests

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2023-05-29 11:20

In order to ensure that company production employees are not accidentally injured and better utilize the protective effects of safety helmets and vests, many companies have established relevant systems. Let's take a look below!
1. The Security Department is responsible for determining the safety standards, colors, and styles of safety helmets and vests, regularly conducting statistics on procurement quantities, personnel allocation, etc., and submitting them to the Material Supply Department for acceptance upon arrival.
2. Each unit designates a dedicated person or full-time safety officer to be responsible for the storage, distribution, registration, replacement, and other work of their own safety helmets and vests.
3. Responsible for educating the responsible persons of each unit on the correct wearing of safety helmets and safety vests. Those who fail to wear safety helmets and safety vests in accordance with the standard requirements are not allowed to work on duty.
4. The full-time safety officers of each unit are responsible for guiding and inspecting the correct use of safety helmets and vests by operators. If any displaced labor protection equipment is found to be worn, it should be immediately corrected.


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