How to properly clean and maintain reflective vests and vests?

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2023-04-21 14:12

The reflective vests we usually see are mainly used in outdoor sports, fire protection, environmental sanitation, labor protection, shipping, road management, construction, emergency rescue and other scenarios. In these outdoor environments, reflective vests are easily stained, but the cost of replacing them once they are stained is too high, so they generally need to be cleaned and maintained. However, how should reflective vests be cleaned and maintained correctly? Today, the reflective editor will discuss with everyone.
Tank top cleaning/maintenance instructions:
The reflective vest has a minimum cleaning temperature of 40 ° C (please refer to the clothing label for the minimum cleaning frequency), reducing mechanical operations, gradually reducing the cleaning temperature (cooling), and reducing spin dehydration. Do not use chlorine bleach. The minimum temperature on the bottom of the iron is 110 ° C, and steam ironing may cause damage to the clothes. Dry cleaning and solvent cleaning are prohibited. Do not dry the drum. It is prohibited to use strong alkaline detergent, washing solvent or emulsion, or bleach.
Storage instructions for reflective vests: Store in the original packaging, away from light and moisture.
Reflective vest performance: The Hongli reflective vest meets the requirements of the national standard GB20653 directive, is safe and harmless, comfortable to wear, waterproof and breathable, has good flexibility, and has a reflective grade of 2.
Instructions for Prohibiting Reflective Vests: Before wearing, check to ensure that the clothes are not dirty or worn out, otherwise performance may be affected. Check to ensure that the gray reflective stripes are on the outside of the vest, and the straps on the shoulders are also in front of the vest to ensure that the stripes remain in place during use. This vest is very obvious and easy to attract attention. When wearing, ensure that the vest is securely fastened. Wearing a vest outside of the above regulations is prohibited. This vest does not contain any substances that may cause allergic reactions to sensitive populations.


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