Under what conditions will reflective clothing shine

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2023-04-21 14:12

When there is light shining, the reflective vest will emit light because the reflective vest is made of highly visible reflective material.
The main body of the reflective vest is made of mesh or plain fabric, and the reflective material is a reflective grid or high brightness reflective fabric; There are many types of them, including polyester reflective vests, polyester fluorescent reflective vests, polyester highlight reflective vests, polyester PVC lattice reflective vests, polyester knitted reflective vests, polyester woven vests, polyester fluorescent mesh checkered vests, polyester fluorescent mesh highlight vests, polyester fluorescent mesh highlight police uniforms, polyester fluorescent bird eye police uniforms, especially suitable for use in police, road management personnel, traffic controllers, road maintenance personnel, motorcycle drivers Local workers who need light warnings, such as those working in the dark.
The reflective part in the reflective vest is manufactured through effective post-processing techniques, utilizing the principle of refraction and high refractive index glass microspheres generated by the micro diamond shape of the lattice. No matter day or night, it can directly reflect the high beam to the luminous points, with good anti catoptrics performance. Especially at night, it can achieve high visibility like during the day. Security clothing made of materials with high visibility reflection can be more easily detected by drivers at night, whether the wearer is in a distance or is disturbed by light or scattered light. The emergence of reflective materials successfully solved the two nighttime driving problems of "seeing" and "being seen".
Reflective clothing itself does not emit light. Currently, there are two main types of reflective materials. One is reflective powder, which is mainly composed of glass microspheres and has high refractive index requirements. When light shines on it, it will produce reverse reflection. Another type is called microcrystalline lattice, which is similar to a prism and is made of polymer with certain characteristics. Moreover, it can achieve complete reverse reflection, and the reflectivity of microcrystalline lattice is slightly higher than that of other types.
From a physical perspective, the reflection principle of reflective strips is called the principle of regression reflection, which is commonly referred to as the principle of reverse reflection. Generally speaking, the reflective strip of the car lamp is directly illuminated by the car lamp, refracted by the reflective material, and then reflected back to the driver's eyes, allowing them to see the target object in front. That is to say, the prerequisite for reflective clothing to emit light must be a source of illumination!


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