What are the reflective materials used for reflective clothing?

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2023-04-21 14:12

Reflective clothing: Reflective material, also known as reflective material or reflective material. The reflection principle of reflective materials is to induce glass bead or triangular prism microcrystalline lattices with high refractive index. When light shines on the surface of the material, most of the light can be reflected back to the light source from a small angle, forming a reflection phenomenon. Due to the reflective function of reflective materials, which have more visual effects than other non reflective materials, their visibility can be significantly improved, making it easier for people in the light source to find the target, effectively avoiding accidents, and ensuring personal safety.
Reflective materials include reflective fabrics, reflective ribbons, reflective silk, reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective plaid strips, etc. The reflective materials used in clothing are as follows:
1、 Reflective clothing: Reflective fabric.
Reflective cloth is made of glass bead with high refractive index on the surface of cloth base through coating or laminating process to make ordinary cloth reflect under light. There are two types of reflective fabrics, one is traditional reflective fabric, and the other is reflective spray coating. Reflective spray coating, also known as crystal mesh, is a new type of reflective material that can be sprayed in 2005. According to different materials, reflective fabrics can be divided into reflective chemical fiber cloth, reflective TC cloth, reflective single-sided elastic cloth, reflective double-sided elastic cloth, etc. Reflective fabric is easy to use and can be cut directly. It can be used for large-scale and local splicing, and can be further processed into reflective strips. Widely used in sportswear, casual wear, outdoor bags, shoes and hats, baby strollers, etc. It can also be cut into the desired shape as a personal DIY material.
2、 Reflective clothing: Reflective silk.
A reflector is a type of yarn that has its own reflective effect. There are two types of reflection rays: single-sided cutting film and double-sided cutting film. The small size can be 0.5mm, and the reflection torsion curve is made of reflection and yarn. These reflected light can be used for weaving waistbands or embroidery or knitwear. For example, weaving socks, hats, scarves, and other products to enhance visibility, confidence, and fashion at night.
3、 Reflective printed fabric.
Reflective printed fabrics can print reflective patterns on ordinary fabrics, which can provide a full angle reflective effect and can be used as clothing fabrics and other products. According to different processes, different reflective printing products can be divided into two types: traditional printing, mainly through screen printing, and reflective film covering, usually using heat transfer printing. Compared with heat transfer printing, the production cost is low, the pattern is continuous, and the width can reach 140-4000px; Compared with screen printing, the reflective pattern has higher brightness, higher production efficiency, and better washing effect.


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